FC ProLiner™ Mill Liners

Martensitic White Iron (Min. 610 BHN)


  • AG, rod and ball mills


  • Shell liners
  • Feed end liners
  • Discharge end liners
  • Lifter bars
  • Grates
  • Filler rings
  • Filler blocks
  • Pulp lifters
  • Dischargers

Download Alloy Specifications for FC ProLiner™

FC ProLiner™ liners are produced to ASTM international specifications and offer good corrosion resistance and excellent abrasion resistance while offering medium impact toughness. Typical applications include high sliding abrasion environments such as autogenous, rod, and ball mill shell liners, feed end liners, discharge end liners, lifter bars, grates, filler rings, filler blocks, pulp lifters, and dischargers.