Mill lining systems are crucial components in the mining industry. They protect grinding mills from damage and enhance grinding performance. FC Mill Liners offers solutions for SAG and AG mills, ball mills, and rod mills of all mill brands and sizes.

However, challenges arise due to the different applications and operating conditions of each mill. Ensuring a perfect fit and optimal material selection for every mill section is essential to ensure maximum grinding efficiency. Rest assured, you can rely on our products and services.

When it comes to choosing the right mill liners for your specific industry needs, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Grinding performance and wear resistance are top priorities, making chrome-moly steel mill liners a popular choice.

For ball mills, SAG mills, rod mills, and AG mills, durable liners are essential to keep operations running smoothly. And if you're in need of replacement mill liners in the United States or Canada, it's important to choose a trusted supplier who can provide timely and expert service.

FC DuraPro™ Mill Liners

Pearlitic Chrome-Moly Steel (300-420 BHN)


  • SAG, rod and ball mills


  • Shell Liners

    Shell liners are essential for protecting the shell of the mill from wear and tear caused by grinding media and mineral particles.

  • Feed End Liners

    Feed end liners are designed to protect the shell of the mill from incoming materials.

  • Discharge End Liners

    These help control the flow of ground materials out of the mill.

  • Lifter Bars

    Lifter bars facilitate the lifting and falling of grinding media.

  • Grates

    Grates allow smaller particles to exit the mill while retaining larger pieces for further grinding.

  • Filler Rings and Filler Blocks

    The role of filler rings and blocks is to fill gaps between liners that might cause excessive wear.

  • Pulp Lifters

    These help to move slurry through the mill, improving efficiency.

  • Dischargers

    Dischargers regulate the flow of ground materials out of the mill and into the next stage of processing.

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FC Mill Liners offers innovative and reliable mill liner solutions to their customers that enhance the productivity of their mills. Their liner alloys are carefully crafted to provide high wear resistance and excellent grinding performance.

These mill liners accessories are designed to optimize the performance of industrial grinding mills.

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