FC DuraPro™ Mill Liners

Pearlitic Chrome-Moly Steel (300-420 BHN)


  • SAG, rod and ball mills


  • Shell liners
  • Feed end liners
  • Discharge end liners
  • Lifter bars
  • Grates
  • Filler rings
  • Filler blocks
  • Pulp lifters
  • Dischargers

Download Alloy Specifications for FC DuraPro™


What are FC DuraPro™ Mill Liners?


FC DuraPro™ Liners are high-quality mill liners designed to provide exceptional durability and performance in various applications such as SAG, rod, and ball mills. We also offer FC ProLiner™ Mill Liners for AG, rod, and ball mills and FC WearPro™ Mill Liners for SAG mills.

Why choose FC DuraPro™ Mill Liners?


Engineered using quality materials and a specialized manufacturing processes, these liners combine abrasion and wear resistance with grinding efficiency for exceptional performance in a wide range of mill environments.

Can FC DuraPro™ Mill Liners improve milling efficiency?


Absolutely! If liners and are more durable, you can reduce the frequency of replacement and save money. FC DuraPro™ Liners maximize mill availability, allowing continuous and efficient milling operations.